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Sometimes, running a business can feel like trying to manage a chaotic tornado.  Business chaos can cause frustration, exhaustion and overwhelm for the owners and leaders of businesses. 


Business owners that thrive in business and in life refuse to stay in frustration, exhaustion, and overwhelm due to business chaos.  They identify the root problems that cause business chaos, develop a plan to fix it, and execute the plan.  Thus being able to run their businesses smoothly.

The problem is that many owners confuse the symptoms of a problem with the root problem itself or create a plan that solves one problem but doesn't solve the other contributing problems.  At Trafalgar Strategies, we are obsessed with helping business owners and their teams get crystal clear as to the true problems, develop the appropriate plan, and to execute the strategy flawlessly.  

How Do We Help?


We identify the root problems by administering our propietory business assessment and audit based on the 8 key elements that we have found impact business success.


We develop an execution plan that is aligned with the 8 key elements and is curated for each company's business model, culture, and operation structure.


We stay with the business owner for the entire agreement to provide insight, support, and coaching during the execution phase.

Trafalgar Strategies

Strategic Advising • Sales and Marketing • Leadership Development • Team Optimization • Business Processes and Systems • Product and Service Formulation • Gap Assessment 

Organization Culture • Vision and Objectives Creation • Profitability • Problem Solving • Fostering Success Mindset 

Business Owner Life and Business Planning

Core Competencies

which benefit our clients

Customized High Touch Client Approach

Orientated Strategic Solutions

Integrated 360 Business Entity and Owner Life Planning

Proprietary BI8 Business Success Framework

About Our Founder

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Kerry-Ann T. Powell, Esq.

Kerry-Ann and the team at Trafalgar Strategies, LLC  are fiercely committed to helping business owners run their companies smoothly so they can thrive in business and in life. 


Kerry-Ann’s path to being a global business strategist started early in her career as a Washington, DC attorney, lobbyist, and fundraiser.  

Having raised $120 million to build the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, DC, she is widely known and respected for her strategic and leadership savvy. 


Her belief that business is a noble calling inspires her to help clients address business problems strategically so they can thrive in business and in life.

Over the years, Kerry-Ann’s expertise and insights have been sought after by international brands, organizations, and institutions such as Working Women’s Magazine, Dallas Leadership Foundation, CIEE, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Mogul and Philanthropist Russell Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and more. 


More meaningful to Kerry-Ann are the hundreds of individuals, who own and lead businesses, who have taken control of business chaos and developed strategies to run their businesses smoothly so they can thrive in business and in life.


How Kerry-Ann’s Speaking Impacts Audiences


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